What is a Society Butler

A Society Butler is a polished individual who takes the effort out of your daily life and anticipates your every need. Originally the senior servant in a large household, the function of the modern day male or female butler has evolved to encompass skills that help to look after every aspect of your busy personal and professional life.


Society Butler will provide you with an experienced butler anywhere in the world. Alternatively, we can arrange for a multi-lingual Butler to accompany you on your travels or meet you at a particular location.

Traveling Butlers

There is a strong demand for Butlers that are flexible and able to travel at a moment's notice. The traveling Butler is the ultimate support tool when on the road for business, or travelling on holiday with friends and family. Able to adapt quickly to cultural differences and language barriers, Society Butlers allow you to concentrate on the things that really matter. They are accomplished in everything from making complex travel arrangements, driving you and looking after your guests, to packing and unpacking your suitcases, taking care of your pets and setting up the perfect meal.


All Society Butler staff understand the need for absolute discretion, and treat the privacy of clients with complete confidentiality.

  • Who we are

    Our company executives and staff teams around the world have extensive experience in hospitality, travel, hotels and domestic service. We employ a combination of office support staff and freelance professionals all of whom are chosen for their exemplary customer service abilities and ability to focus on clients needs.

  • Our Policy

    We treat the privacy of our clients with complete confidentiality and discretion, and their contact information is retained for private communication alone. We believe in good company governance and transparency in every aspect of our business operations.